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Featured Book: Mac OS X : The Missing Manual

As soon as Apple comes out with another version of Mac OS X, David Pogue hits the streets with another impeccable Missing Manual to cover it. This edition explores the latest features in Mac OS X Tiger, such as Spotlight, iChat AV and Automator. Ideal for every user, this guide has something new on every page, along with David Pogue's celebrated wit and expertise.

Mac OS X The Missing Manual




Choosing the Right Mac
To get Your Work Done

Apple's Macintosh computers are stylish and easy to use. If you're interested in getting the job done and not fiddling around with your computer, you're a candidate for a Mac. All Macs work great when it comes to the basics: surfing the Internet, word processing and other office tasks. Macs are at the top of their game when it comes to photography, graphic arts and digital video. If you (or someone you love) is a serious computer gamer, a Mac might not be the best choice. There are few game options on the Mac and the games tend to be more expensive.

Macs Come in Five Flavors

It's not hard to shop for Macs, there are only a few basic flavors and a couple of models and options in each category:

Why You Want a Mac miniApple Mac mini

The Mac mini is the lowest price Mac. It comes without a keyboard or monitor. What's it good for? Well, it's a great upgrade computer if you already have a keyboard and monitor. It's a great switch from Windows to Mac machine, if you're thinking of making that change. You might also be interested in connecting a mini to your TV set and using it as a DVD player, media center. Students find the mini's portability a big plus. It travels easily from home to school and anywhere else.

Bolinas Road Gallery showcases two minis. The 607 is the less expensive choice. It has a slower processor, smaller hard drive and it can read DVDs but cannot write to them.

Both models are ready to hook up to a wired or a wireless network. They have serviceable graphics cards, but not powerful enough to please a hard core gamer.

Why You Want an iMacApple iMac

Apple's iMacs win the best dressed award in computerdom. All the computer hardware is tucked behind a the super-sharp LCD monitor. Slip CDs and DVDs into the side of your Mac like you pop toast in a toaster. Best of all, these space saving Macs fit anywhere and avoid the cable-clutter you find with so many PCs. Choose between several screen sizes: 17-inch, 20-inch and 24-inch. All the models play DVDs, but if you're interested in writing to DVDs, make sure you pick a model with a SuperDrive.

If you really want a clean desk without cable-clutter, add a wireless mouse and wireless keyboard to your order.

Why You Want a Mac Pro

Mac Pro

If you've got a Mac Pro on your mind, you probably don't need me to tell you why. The powerhouse of Mac line, the Mac Pro comes with dual processors and top of the line options. If you need even more power, you'll find that there are plenty of ways to upgrade your Mac Pro now and in the future.

Why You Want a Macbook

How cool are these? The MacBook comes in your traditional Mac white and the Macbooknewer, not so basic black. Inside, you've got everything that makes a Mac special--bullet-proof, easy-to-use software. All MacBooks are read to hook up to a wired or wireless network.

After you choose your color, decide if you need a SuperDrive that can both read and write to DVDs. If you're planning on lots of software, music or video files, choose a model with a larger hard drive.

Why You Want a Macbook ProMacbook Pro

When you need the power of a desktop computer on the run, you need a MacBook Pro. Great for recording concerts on location or editing video in the field. All MacBook Pros are read to hook up to a wired or wireless network.

MacBook Pros come with two sceen sizes 15-inch or 17-inch. If you need plenty of storage for graphics, recordings or video, choose one of the models with a larger hard drive.


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